Just for the show!

The Ultra Montée du Salève (UMS) is the 6-hour non-stop climbing race, during which competitors have to make as many climbs as possible, using each time the famous Salève cable car to go back down (no descent by foot). In 2010, the year of its first edition, the UMS was a world debut.

This event offers the exceptional possibility of running upfill for 6 hours non-stop over a 3.2 km walking trail including a 2.4 km climb with a 663 m vertical drop. The competition is also very particular in view of its profile: the climb has a percentage slope of 27.7% on average!

The men’s record belongs to Stian Angermund-Vik. In 2019, he achieved 9 climbs in 4h39’14”, an average of 31’01” per climb and nearly 6000 m D+! In the women’s category, the record was set by Elise Chabbey who, in 2018, made 8 climbs in 4h41’07.

Walking sticks are allowed. See the regulations here!